Welcome to the  End-User Certificate Web Portal. This portal provides access to members of the general public applying for End-User Certificate for importation of controlled items and products into Nigeria. End-User Certificate is an undertaking by a purchaser/importer that any of the controlled items/products covered by the process transferred from the exporting country is for the sole and lawful use within Nigeria, and that the controlled items/products are not destined for transfer or re-export to any other entity or country, without the prior written consent of the issuing authority, the Office of the National Security Adviser.

End-User Certificate issuance & process is FREE-of-charge and will be verified at point of entry!
At no point are you expected to pay for anything including de-blacklisting or otherwise. For further enquiries or to report any requests for payments on End-User Certificate processing, please contact the care and Live chat support: Monday – Friday 10:00AM – 4:00PM or via email at euc@nsa.gov.ng, you can also make a complaint by clicking on the Contact Us below.

To apply for an End-User Certificate, ensure you read the guidelines for procuring specific controlled items/products. The guidelines provide information on relevant supporting documents expected to be provided and available on hand when applying for End-User Certificate. Click on the View Guideline links below to read the guidelines for different item types.