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imageWelcome to the Federal Government End-User Certificate (EUC) Application Web Portal. This web portal is intended to give access to members of the Nigerian general public applying for EUCs, for the acquisition or use of EUC controlled items and products within Nigeria. 

End-User Certificate is an undertaking by a purchaser/importer that any of the controlled items/products covered by the process transferred from the exporting country is for its sole and lawful use within Nigeria, and that the controlled items/products are not destined for transfer or re-export to any other entity or country, without the prior written consent of the Office of the National Security Adviser.

NOTE: EUC is free at every stage from processing to issuance, and is only approved and issued by the Office of the National Security Adviser.

Guidelines for Applying for EUC

To apply for an End-User certificate, ensure you read the guidelines. The guidelines cover specific guidelines for importation of different items detailing what documents and information are expected to be provided and available on hand when applying for a certificate.

Click on the links below to read the guidelines for different item types.

General Guidelines

Guidelines For Embassies, MDAs or Military

Guidelines For Procuring Arms And Ammunition

Guidelines For Procuring Cash Equipment

Guidelines For Procuring Chemicals

Guidelines For Procuring Uniforms & Accountrement

Guidelines For Procuring Explosives & Explosive Devices

Guidelines For Procuring Fertilizer Chemicals

Guidelines For Procuring Fireworks

Guidelines For Procuring Military Hardware

Guidelines For Procuring Private Security Gadgets

Guidelines For Procuring Treated Vehicles

Full HS Codes